Driverless Cars – Share Opinions

As we now know the advantages and disadvantages of selfdriving cars this post is going to deal with some opinions concerning this topic – maybe, YOU will find someone sharing your view of the matter.

Here are two videos illustrating two opposing viewpoints:

PRO: Sebastian Thrun about driverlss cars: CONTRA: Not everyone is in favour of selfdriving cars:

Concerning the general public there are various different and contradictory opinions .

There are comments like:

How famous would a 13 year old hacker be who could claim he just caused the world biggest traffic accident !!

Hey *** – I definitely agree that all of this will take a long time. By then, we may be printing our own cars out of 3D printers in our garage. 😉

In my opinion it is like driving automatic over manual. A person that drives manual is a real driver while the person that drives automatic is just an operator.

This Statistic reflects consumers opinions:




The term ‘Microcredit’ is not new in economics. But still many of us don’t know about it. As I saw in some statistics, it has a strong success rate for removing poverty in many countries. I choose this topic because I get interested on it.

Micro-credit is a credit system that provides- agricultural credit, rural credit, cooperative credit, consumer credit, credit from the savings and loan associations, from credit unions and from money lenders.


It programs extend small loans to very poor people for self-employment projects that generate income, allowing them to care for themselves and their families.

As I have just getting to know about it further, for today I am just finishing my post after only delivering the meaning or definition of Microcredit. But I put some links below for further information.

  1. http://www.microcreditsummit.org/
  2. http://www.grameen-info.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=28&Itemid=108
  3. http://www.accion.org
  4. http://www.microcreditsummit.org/stories/intro.htm

21century Hotel Marketing – can apps help? Buteeq edition


This week I am further exploring my sources and continue my series for the field of hotel apps, focussing on and how much they influence and benefit the hotel and travelling branch to answer the very first and basic question if this is an inevitable trend that the industry must follow to not fall behind competitors.

“Today, US smartphone penetration has passed 50%, and both mobile search and traffic from mobile apps are growing” – buuteeq blog

Apps or mobile browser?

So, smartphones and surfing via mobile devices is more and more important and should of course also be considered by businesses in their marketing. So far, so good. But do hotels now need and additional app or is a web presence already enough? Apps or Search? Two contrasting views. Published in September 2012

Quick facts: Nielsen vs. Google data comparison

nilsen travel datagoogle travel data

Note: Nielson substracted the Google Maps app as most people do not use it for travel (with overnight stay which makes it relevant for hotels) but for daily trips

EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies conference

In this article, the author reports from the recent “EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies conference” in San Francisco. Which role do mobile devices play in online booking? How has the view on hotel apps changed? Published in March 2013.

Quick facts:

  • 73% of hotel loyalty members use hotel mobile apps
  • 93% on non-memers use mobile search engines instead

What is this conference?



Advertisement via Google 2 – Google Search Criteria

Google search criteria

What is the aim of this article ?

Topic : I am going to research of what criteria the Google search algorithm consists and how the algorithm is structured

Question : because I want to find out how Google finds the results and ranks them depending on their relevance to the search and how it is possible to manipulate the search algorithm and be top-ranked

Practical Significance: so that firms can strategically advertise via google to relevant customer groups.

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Advertisement via Google 1 – Why should you do it ?


We are what you’ve been looking for …

Google as PR opportunity

“ Distance moon to earth “ “how to write application” , “computer broken repair”, “how get wine stains out of the carpet” , “Why doesn’t he love me“ . Nowadays we don’t run to the next library to check the distance from the earth to the moon nor we call our mother how to get wine stains out of our good carpet , but we google it . Google seems to be the perfect adviser in nearly every situation . It would be grossly negligent not to take advantage of this opportunity to market your product as you would miss the perfect opportunity to tell the customer it is your product he has been looking for all the time.

How does Google work?

The video explains briefly how Google works . Even though official Adverts are mentioned in the video my studies are going to focus on more indirect and hidden Advertisement via Google.


Driverless Cars

Will they ever have the chance to influence our lifes?

driverless car1

Driverless Cars are a recent trend and a much debated issue these days.
But what do YOU think about that?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that might help you moulding your opinion:

whider range of users (young, tired and/or disabeled people etc.) immense traffic volume
higher efficiency (less sudden breaks or traffic jams) but more users cause higher pollution
reduction of risk (humans make mistakes) fun of driving a car gets lost
possibility of doing something else meanwhile (timesaving) question of liability
better transit expansion of cities


Finally, there is still the debate on legality of these vehicles.
In case of an accident, if the system fails, WHO will be liable?

The human “driver, the owner, the manufacturer …?


Predictive Analytics, Data Mining


I am working on the topic of predictive analytics in the business of retailers. By using the technique of data mining, supermarkets for example can find out unbelievably much about their customer’s lives and habits and are therewith able to control their shopping habits as well. Due to studies in this area it was discovered that people are especially flexible in changing their shopping habits during big events in their lives like moving to another town, marriage, graduation or especially a pregnancy. By documenting everything they know about their customers, retailers create a profile of every individual with the help of data mining and use this to their advantage to influence and persuade their consumers into buying what profits themselves.
I think it is important to find out how far the data mining and its influence can go and how developed this issue is in Germany. How effected are we by predictive analytics? It is important to know the influence others have on you and your life and you have to be aware of your privacy and what it means to you.