21century Hotel Marketing – can apps help?


I am particularly interested in how apps can improve marketing and want to find out how they changed the hotel and travelling branch to explore if they are a profitable business model.

“Today, US smartphone penetration has passed 50%, and both mobile search and traffic from mobile apps are growing” – buuteeq blog

On the buuteeq blog (the digital marketing system for you hotel) I looked for facts and figures as the author reports from the recent “EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies conference” in San Francisco. How has the hotel app range increased? What are the expectations for the future? Published in March 2013 buuteeq blog

HRS is a European example of a hotel that launched an app. What are their experiences and expectations? Published in April 2013

The Media Mosaic Digital Marketing Blog titled the blog entry with “Top 5 hotel brands app moves..()”. Which hotels are meant? What are the features of the apps? Are there differences? Published in April 2013 Media mosaic blog

Does not just sum up data but provides ADVISE pocketyourshop (April 2013)
and again same source, have they updated their material? Is there a process within the blog? Published in April 2013 pocketyourshop

Even more recent than older sources, specific example that linkes onces more to HRS. Published in April 2013


4 thoughts on “21century Hotel Marketing – can apps help?

  1. Hi Anna,
    I never really thought about how many different apps exist and if they are important or help companies to make more money, but of course they are and of course every company counts on them. So thank you to open my eyes on this topic.
    After having read your blog I was a little overwhelmed with all the sources you gave the audience and unfortunately your summaries of the sources mostly contain questions which I cannot quite follow without having read the whole article. So maybe for your next blog post you could specify on one or two sources and explain them in more detail.
    I am interested in your topic and looking forward to read more about the subject.

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