Apple’s marketing

Apple marketing strategy – simple is better!

In my assignment for the last week I focused on simplicity as one of Apple’s major design principles. Nevertheless, I was still wondering how Apple manages to hold leading market positions in the increasingly competitive market. So maybe the reason is their marketing strategy? So in my post for this week I focus on Apple’s marketing principles.

So I found an article in the Aspired Techie that focuses on this topic. According to the article there are several principles that Apple uses to market its products:

1) Effective Advertisement

Apple doesn’t want to challenge people’s intellect and throw all kinds of computing or mobile jargons at them, Apple sticks to the basic instead. If we look at the latest ad campaign for iPhone 4, rather than concentrating on its powerful processors it simply magnifies some of its very basic functions such as improved picture quality and email experience.

2) Presentations

Presentations seem to be the area where Apple beats all other industrial giants such as Microsoft, Nokia or even Samsung. And the secret is ones again simplicity and using a language a common person right off the street can understand.

From presentations to advertisements, Apple marketing strategy has been in a language people can understand and that is definitely one of the biggest reasons why they are so successful.

3) Brand Loyalty

The article argues that unlike most of its rivals, Apple especially is not known to care for the budget of a commoner. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Apple, ever since it’s foundation, has only targeted a certain brand conscious class. For that very reason, none of the products of Apple are meant to fall within the budget of a normal man but more and more people are willing to have Apple products than ever before, since it is established to represent a certain ‘class’.

For example Nokia manufactures all kinds of phones, addressing different target audiences. Nevertheless, even being economical as well as reliable, Nokia has lost significant market share to Apple, the brand that refuses to lower its prices. More and more people are changing their loyalties in favor of a brand that comes with a promise of delivering or more importantly, enrolling them in ‘the class’.



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