A way out of corruption

This week I am working on the topic of Collaborative Consumption also referred to as ‘the sharing economy’, because I would like to find how this concept is applied and can be used for in order to create a more sustainable world economy.

Comparing the type of consumption of the last century with the one we observe and experience today, you can identify a complete turnover – away from an egocentric approach towards a sharing based behavior.

Nevertheless, there is still more to do:

Nowadays were we live in a world full of over-consumption and corruption, it is pretty important to find away out of this destroying way of life.

How to get on that road?

Collaborative Consumption might be the answer. Companies like the Deutsch Bahn GmbH amongst others show how this works. It offers the ‘Call a Bike’ service, where people can simply rent bikes. Then there is this page www.mitfahrgelegenheit.de where people offer that you can travel with them by car or train. I have already made great experiences with traveling using those services: for one, it is a lot cheaper to go by car-sharing. I would have to spent four times as much if I would go by train to visit my family’s house – so it’s worth considering alternatives. On the other hand, and this is the crucial aspect here, making use of this service reduces emissions caused, because the five people you are traveling with, do not have to take their own cars and thus those emissions are economized.

The site has 4.3 million registered users that have travelled over 150 million kilometers saving over a million tons of CO2.

If people were considering this alternative consumption behavior we will finally get a little closer to the desired emission cut of 80% till 2050.

Why is this not a common way of living?

Laziness – simple, but true. A lot of people are reluctant to change their way of living, although this might cause serious trouble in the future.

On top of that, some are just not aware of the possibilities one has, to share, so there is lack of information. Especially older people don’t have access to new technology or have difficulties to handle it, so that they can’t make use of for example sharing platforms like "swap".

It is an issue constantly discussed – the global warming. And people are contributing to it intensively. It would only require small changes to improve the prevailing situation just like sharing – so why should we stand aside watching?


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