Predictive Analytics, Data Mining


I am working on the topic of predictive analytics in the business of retailers. By using the technique of data mining, supermarkets for example can find out unbelievably much about their customer’s lives and habits and are therewith able to control their shopping habits as well. Due to studies in this area it was discovered that people are especially flexible in changing their shopping habits during big events in their lives like moving to another town, marriage, graduation or especially a pregnancy. By documenting everything they know about their customers, retailers create a profile of every individual with the help of data mining and use this to their advantage to influence and persuade their consumers into buying what profits themselves.
I think it is important to find out how far the data mining and its influence can go and how developed this issue is in Germany. How effected are we by predictive analytics? It is important to know the influence others have on you and your life and you have to be aware of your privacy and what it means to you.


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