21century Hotel Marketing – can apps help? Buteeq edition


This week I am further exploring my sources and continue my series for the field of hotel apps, focussing on and how much they influence and benefit the hotel and travelling branch to answer the very first and basic question if this is an inevitable trend that the industry must follow to not fall behind competitors.

“Today, US smartphone penetration has passed 50%, and both mobile search and traffic from mobile apps are growing” – buuteeq blog

Apps or mobile browser?

So, smartphones and surfing via mobile devices is more and more important and should of course also be considered by businesses in their marketing. So far, so good. But do hotels now need and additional app or is a web presence already enough? Apps or Search? Two contrasting views. Published in September 2012

Quick facts: Nielsen vs. Google data comparison

nilsen travel datagoogle travel data

Note: Nielson substracted the Google Maps app as most people do not use it for travel (with overnight stay which makes it relevant for hotels) but for daily trips

EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies conference

In this article, the author reports from the recent “EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies conference” in San Francisco. Which role do mobile devices play in online booking? How has the view on hotel apps changed? Published in March 2013.

Quick facts:

  • 73% of hotel loyalty members use hotel mobile apps
  • 93% on non-memers use mobile search engines instead

What is this conference?



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