Advertisement via Google 2 – Google Search Criteria

Google search criteria

What is the aim of this article ?

Topic : I am going to research of what criteria the Google search algorithm consists and how the algorithm is structured

Question : because I want to find out how Google finds the results and ranks them depending on their relevance to the search and how it is possible to manipulate the search algorithm and be top-ranked

Practical Significance: so that firms can strategically advertise via google to relevant customer groups.

Hard criteria and soft criteria

The website lists some criteria used by Google as for instance link exchange, title tags, content and hierarchy . But also the sides you are linked too are of great importance . The website , that deals with the Google algorithm describes it as following :

“The fundamental idea put forth by PageRank’s creators, Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, is this: the importance of a page is judged by the number of pages linking to it as well as their importance.”

This all seems pretty reasonable but can be rather easily manipulated. A lot of pages online like or teach you how to be ranked optimally. It might be even advisable to hire a specialized marketing company like or to optimize your Google marketing strategy.
But nevertheless there is also more independent criteria the site states that “soft” factors like how long users stay on the page on average are important to Google too.

the filterbubble

Next to the hard and soft criteria, that delivers the same content to all the users, exists the personalized search criteria. The personalized search algorithm also gives firm a great opportunity of personalized advertising. You have the opportunity to advertise directly to the target group not wasting time and money on the others. On the other hand conquering new markets and target groups is more difficult. This is why you have to be in as many ‘filterbubbles’ as possible to reach a big audience.



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