Advertisement via Google 1 – Why should you do it ?


We are what you’ve been looking for …

Google as PR opportunity

“ Distance moon to earth “ “how to write application” , “computer broken repair”, “how get wine stains out of the carpet” , “Why doesn’t he love me“ . Nowadays we don’t run to the next library to check the distance from the earth to the moon nor we call our mother how to get wine stains out of our good carpet , but we google it . Google seems to be the perfect adviser in nearly every situation . It would be grossly negligent not to take advantage of this opportunity to market your product as you would miss the perfect opportunity to tell the customer it is your product he has been looking for all the time.

How does Google work?

The video explains briefly how Google works . Even though official Adverts are mentioned in the video my studies are going to focus on more indirect and hidden Advertisement via Google.


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