Driverless Cars – Share Opinions

As we now know the advantages and disadvantages of selfdriving cars this post is going to deal with some opinions concerning this topic – maybe, YOU will find someone sharing your view of the matter.

Here are two videos illustrating two opposing viewpoints:

PRO: Sebastian Thrun about driverlss cars: CONTRA: Not everyone is in favour of selfdriving cars:

Concerning the general public there are various different and contradictory opinions .

There are comments like:

How famous would a 13 year old hacker be who could claim he just caused the world biggest traffic accident !!

Hey *** – I definitely agree that all of this will take a long time. By then, we may be printing our own cars out of 3D printers in our garage. 😉

In my opinion it is like driving automatic over manual. A person that drives manual is a real driver while the person that drives automatic is just an operator.

This Statistic reflects consumers opinions:


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