Advertising via Google – GoogleAdWords


Google AdWords – a clever way to market a business

Last time I wrote about the Google search algorithm and about how to market a business “indirectly” via Google. This time I want to talk about the opportunities of  Google AdWords a service offered directly by Google .

What is the aim of the article ?

Topic : I am going to research the basics of how Google AdWords works
Question : because I want to find out what kind of new opportunities are offered by Google AdWords in relevance to marketing
Practical Significance: so that firms can strategically advertise via google to relevant customer groups.

How Search Ads Work

The video ” How Search Ads Work” directly powered by Google explains a little over enthusiastically but rather understandable how paid advertisement on Google works.

The advertiser  (you ! ) posts an Ad sets Keywords connected to the product or ser.vice and sets a certain  budget limit. Now the advertisement appears in the side or top bar when user search for certain products or services . Every time a possible customer clicks on the link  the advertiser has to pay a fee to google.

Opportunities of Google AdWords

In my opinion Google offers a great opportunity for small as well as for bigger enterprises to promote their products . It is a great advantage to be able to market directly to a specific customer group . Only people, which are potential customers will be exposed to the advertisement and less money is spend on marketing to people, who are not interested in the product.


Also the risk of “bad”advertising is reduced. Because it is only paid per “click” there will no money be spent if the advertisement is not attractive to the customer. As well you will be informed by statistics directly related to the amount of website activations. The information collected by Google AdWords makes it possible to design better Adverts as the reaction  to the Ads can be seen directly.


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