AdWords – the perfect fit for small businesses ?


Google AdWords as a marketing tool for small business

After writing about the general advantages of Google AdWords last time this post deals with the opportunities of Google AdWords for smaller and local enterprises.

What is this post about?

Topic : I am going to research features of how Google AdWords works
Question : because I want to find out what kind of new opportunities are offered by Google AdWords in relevance to marketing to small unknown businesses
Practical Significance: so that those firms can strategically advertise via google to relevant customer groups.

SEM is not a solution for big and well-known companies

A study done by eBay surprisingly shows that Google AdWords is not effective for lager and well-known firms like Ebay itself. But even though SEM is rather useless for big enterprises and brands it is still highly effective for smaller and local businesses, as SEM according to eBay only works if the consumer has no idea that the firm has the desired product.

Google AdWords enhances campaigns

A quite interesting fact for small businesses is also the fact that Google AdWords lately announced improvements in their advertisement service . Google now is able to distinguishes between possible customers that access their web per smartphone and users that access per home computer. This enables great marketing possibilities. As products desired “on the go” are essentially different to products ordered from home. It is the same difference as walk-by customers and people who walk into a store having planed directly what need weeks ago. It is productive for a local company to attract the “moblile”-customers as the adverts can trigger impulse purchases.

Google is local

As odd as is might sound: Google is local . As the marketing firm b&u confirms Google offers the opportunity of regional retargeting . This ensures that only local users see the advertisement and none of the expensive clicks is wasted to someone who is not living in the area and therefore is less likely to come by the shop.


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