Driverless Cars – Upcoming Business?

As this statistic shows 57% of consumers (on the entire world) trust in completely automized cars.
Moreover, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) states that in 2040 75% of vehicles will be autonomous.

Impact on Economy:

Right now, it is time for businesses to be aware of this upcoming bestseller.
As for example general motors expects a large scale production of cars being autonomous in parts in 2015 and predicts to be able to offer completely driverless cars by 2020.
Other companies like Audi and BMW are also having concepts concerning autonomous cars.

But to become more general, a study at Forbes predicts that revenues in car related businesses oly in the U.S. will increase by $2 Trillion a year.
Nevertheless, this immense earnings increase also creates some disadvantages for e.g. carmakers and suppliers, auto insurers or energy companies.

As you can see, this is an upcoming trend in technology that should not be underestimated by companies because of revenues that could be generated and challenges that have to be faced.
Nevertheless, whether businesses want or not, they will have to deal with driverless cars in the future.


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