In my last week`s post I stepped back a little from technological aspects and concentrated on corporate ethics in Apple. This week I´m going to do soas well as I would like to reflect on the hot issue of the last weeks which is surveillance scandal involving companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Last week these companies all called on the government to allow them to publish more details about the nature and number of requests for information they receive.

I was surprised to learn that Apple, for example, had received between 4,000 and 5,000 requests from federal, state and local authorities for customer data between 1 December 2012 and 31 May 2013.

Facebook and Microsoft also released similar aggregate numbers of surveillance requests, claiming it received requests affecting about 51,000 consumer accounts.

Shocking number, aren`t they?

My research for this assignment helped me to take a more critical look at the “The future is digital” data and realize ones again that we have to pay a curtain price for always being mobile and online – invasion of our privacy.


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