AdWords Express


AdWords Express – quick and dirty

As I started to focus on the use of Google AdWords for smaller and local enterprises last week I encountered some interesting sources that led me to Google AdWords Express. So this week I am going to reasearch whether AdWords Express is a better fit for local businesses than the normal AdWords.

What is this post about?

Topic : I am going to research features of Google AdWords Express
Question : because I want to find out what kind of new opportunities are offered by Google AdWords in relevance to marketing to small local businesses
Practical Significance: so that those firms, that have rather less marketing  know-how can strategically advertise via google to relevant customer groups.

What is AdWords Express ?

As the cute little clip made by Google implies AdWords Express is a new service offered by Google especially  for small local businesses to advertise easily and above all locally.

What are the features of AdWords Express ?

From the AdWords webmapspage I found out that AdWords Express is only designed to market locally . This means the advertising is only shown if the location of the user is ether less than 25 km away from the business or the search contains specific reference to the location. Using Google AdWords Express is rather easy and according to the opinion of marketing experts especially designed for users that are rather inexperienced with marketing strategies as well as the internet. Or as Google describes it : quick and easy !

In contrary to Google AdWords the advertisement is not displayed in the advertisement section of the search but can be encountered in connection with Google map. The advertiser has two rows to insert the text . The address is shown too as well as the phone number. What makes AdWords express extremely easy to use is the fact that Keywords are not necessary as Google will find them for the advertiser. Also no business website is necessary as all important information is summed up in the small text inverted by the advertiser.

AdWords or AdWords Express ?

Collecting all this information about AdWords express one needs to ask the question whether to use AdWords or rather AdWords express. Leading experts on this topic came to the conclusion that it depends on the technical and marketing know-how of the advertiser. With no or rather little knowledge it is better to use the really easy tool : AdWords Express.

But as soon as one has the time to look a little bit into the features of AdWords it is advisable to use the standard version as it costs less per click and has the possibility of specialising the advertisement and therefore making it more effective. AdWords also has a cheaper per click charge than AdWords express.

To summarize it : one has to decide whether to do it quick or to do it right.


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