Predictive Analytics, Data Mining

What is Data Mining?

In my first question and post on this topic I explained that predictive analytics analyses historical and current events, trying to predict the future for one’s own benefits. It is used in every field of society and economy and affects therewith everybody.
While I got more into detail about the retailer “Target” at the beginning and researched their power and influence over customers, I started seeing a more negative side on the subject…

Who profits/ loses?

While big firms and the market benefit without a doubt from data mining, because they collect their clients and customers data and analyze it for their advantage in the business, the question remains who has a disadvantage of these predictions. If you get coupons of your interest send to your house why should the private consumer complain? The problem lies with how much companies know and how deep their data mining goes…

Is privacy being invaded?

This third question leads me to my recent source, which compares China’s freedom of the internet use to the one of the United States. Seems like a ridiculous comparison at first, but not after current events. While China’s civilization has basically no free access to information and open discussion on the internet because it is being restrained by the government, the US citizens relish in a totally constraint less use of the internet. But how private does this usage remain? It has been revealed that Obama administration’s own surveillance and cyber operations did their own share of hacking and cyber theft and people see their civil liberties and privacy invaded. Obama defends this by stating that there cannot be total security and total privacy.
So a final question, which I am hardly able to answer is…

Where is the limit to Predictive Analytics and Data Mining?


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