Reduce Paper Use

Paper is an important element in our daily life. We use paper for study, for official works, to keep data, to send written document etc. But, use of paper is declining day by day. Professionals also noticed that change already.

We are looking forward to a near paperless world where we won’t want magazines, students won’t need to carry textbooks, and paper forms will be redundant. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said, “We are right on the verge of something that could become mainstream. We are the people who have been saying this for a decade, but now we’re finally saying it’s near.” And, now-a-days, we are vastly using internet, emails, e-newspaper, tablet computers, book readers; and we are becoming the part of this vision.


Every year, thousand tons of woods are using to produce papers. That affects our environment very negatively. Reducing paper use reduces green house gas. Another thing is papers are not recycled properly. Paper increases dirt as well. When we burn it, it produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide. And, a large amount of waters are wasted to produce papers. Papers are counted as one of the biggest components of solid waste in landfills.

In contrast, paperless works are easy, time consuming, swift, cost effective, and environment friendly. People are getting interested more in paperless works. They are using book readers instead of carrying books every time. Many Exams are now computer based.

So, technology is taking the part of paper right now. We can adapt to these changes which would be, of course, very positive for us and our environment. For example, reducing paper use saves money. Here is another example of that.

Here are some tips to reduce paper use.

  • Use email instead of post or sending any paper document.
  • Don’t print email messages unless you really need to.
  • Write “Don’t print this email unless you really need to” at the bottom of all email to discourage others to print.
  • Print a paper in both side.
  • Reuse whatever you can.
  • Consider cloth towels instead of paper napkins.
  • Try to take note in your phone or computer.

Finally, what we have to do now is, reuse papers if possible, recycle them, and reduce environment pollution.




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